Site blocked from McAfee Web Gateway

Have you seen this before?

Warning message about blocked site

You may be trying to access a site from inside of a firewall and you get a scary message like this. What’s even worse is if it’s your own site and makes you wonder what in the world is going on. The message you may see is:

The website you’re going to looks like it might not be safe. You should know that hackers often use “uncategorized” sites like these to steal information, or infect computers with viruses.

This is caused because the proxy for McAfee Web Gateway does not have a category for your site.

While this may look scary, there is an easy remedy.

To remedy this:
Go to
Select Web Gateway, and type in your site.

mcafee site check page

After you have checked your url, fill out the form and submit. It’s better if you make an account before doing this, so that you get noticed of updates. Within a few days your site should load without this message.

I am not quite sure why some sites get categorized automatically, and why some don’t I’ve noticed that when I submit my site to Blue Coat Proxy like my previous post, I do not have to submit it here.

Hope this helps you.

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