Listed on this page are recent projects that I have completed.


This site was developed to handle RSVPs for events. The event host can easily invite guests, and they can quickly respond. This site also supports e-commerce.

Technologies Used:: Drupal 7, CSS, Javascript, Drush
Debt caution sign

Debt Calculator

I developed a debt repayment calculator to compare 3 methods of paying off debts. You are able to see which is most efficient based on your situation.

Technologies Used: Grunt, Javascript, TDD, node, Git, Jquery Mobile, Karma, Jasmine

Simple Professional WordPress Theme

Simple Professional is a WordPress theme that is designed for portfolios and business websites. It’s fully responsive and has a clean refined look and feel.

Technologies Used: Wordpress, css, php, javscript, sass


EZcalculus is an educational Mathematics site for the purpose of teaching higher level mathematics through online videos. I originally built it on Drupal 6 and recently developed it to use Drupal 8.

Technologies Used: PHP, Drupal 8, CSS, Javascript, bootstrap, composer, drush