My Work

Listed below are some of the web applications I have built. Each project had its own unique difficulties and focus that I highlight below.

Adventist In Business

This site was created to serve as an online business network. This business network was meant to improve communication and improve ease of finding Adventists businesses across the world.

Key focus of the site:

  • Business listings that are easy to update and create
  • Allow sign up only through referrals
  • Enable proximity search and geo maps for business all across the world
  • Automated Tests to ensure reliability during updates and deploys
  • Easy to deploy and update
Technologies Used: AWS S3, Laravel 5, SASS, PHPUnit

Healing Hearts Nursing is a Startup that was created in 2017. This startup had the focus of drastically changing the nursing industry across the United States, by improving and streamlining communications with nursing shift mangers and nurses.

Key objectives of the site:

  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Ability to communicate with users via email and SMS
  • Clean modern design
  • Ensure reliability through automated tests
  • Search based on proximity
Technologies Used: Drupal 7, CSS, Twilio (SMS), Stripe API, Bootstrap

JustRSVP is a start-up company created in 2017. This website was developed to simply RSVPs for event hosts.

The key focus of the site:

  • Ease of use for hosts and guests
  • Quick and reliable email delivery
  • Monetization through advertisements and e-commerce
  • Fast response time of website
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Easy deployment and upgrade process


Technologies Used: Drupal 7, CSS, Javascript, Drush, AWS

Debt Calculator

Debt caution sign

I developed a debt repayment calculator to compare 3 methods of paying off debts. You are able to see which is most efficient based on your situation.

Technologies Used Grunt, Javascript, TDD, node, Git, Jquery Mobile, Karma, Jasmine

Simple Professional WordPress Theme

Simple Professional is a WordPress theme that is designed for portfolios and business websites. It’s fully responsive and has a clean refined look and feel.

Technologies Used Wordpress, css, php, javscript, sass